It has been awhile since my last update. According to Google Analytics you missed me, and I miss you too.  I know, I checked it regularly. It made me happy to know that even though I was absent, the traffic on the blog was ongoing.

I wanted to take some time to myself, to relax and complete some writing projects. When we take the time to relax, we discover the best of ourselves. I also wanted to take some time to focused on new ideas and content for my new blog.

As you already know. In the past, I have blogged about fashion, makeup, favorite beauty products. But truthfully, I lost interest to blog about those things. As humans, our passion changes, and it’s totally okay. Right now, I have a profound passion about wellness and mental health. There is no point in trying to do things that you no longer enjoy in life, it was time to let it go.

On my new blog, throughout the month, I will share the lates from experts along with my personal updates, on physical and mental health. We also need to come together and talk about stress and anxiety and share different strategies on how you cope with your daily stress.

Last but not least, I’m implementing a new content called: “Coffee with Nunzia”

Here is a preview of our next discussion:

How are you coping with the stress and from the coronavirus? Have you adjusted to this new normal?

Until then, make sure you follow the CDC guidelines on how to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. I just got through writing an article on the pandemic, I will keep you posted when it goes live.



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